Wig Revamps / Custom Color Services

Wig Revamps / Custom Color Services
Wig Revamps / Custom Color Services
Wig Revamps / Custom Color Services - Styles By Finn
Wig Revamps / Custom Color Services
Wig Revamps / Custom Color Services
Wig Revamps / Custom Color Services

Wig Revamps / Custom Color Services

Hi babe ! Thank you for choosing Styles By Finn. Below is a guide to assist you with getting your head measurements. Your head measurements are very important! Receiving accurate measurements ensures that we can create your unit with the perfect fit ! 


✨The first step in accurately measuring your
head is prepping your hair. Your natural hair needs to be in the same state you plan on wearing it under your unit. Units lay flattest when the hair is braided into smaller (8-10), fresh cornrows. If that isn't possible, slick you hair
back smoothly or into a ponytail and cover with a wig cap. Essentially your real hair needs to be as flat as possible when taking your measurements. 

✨What measurements do I need to take?
There are 6 measurements needed in order
to provide the best fit of your unit:

-Front to nape

-Ear to ear (across fore head & over top)

-Temple to temple (around the back of your head)

-Nape of neck 

✨The four MOST IMPORTANT measurements are the circumference, front to nape, ear to ear (over top) and nape of neck. We recommend taking these measurements 2-3 times to ensure they are accurately submitted.

✨The guide below shows how to achieve your head  measurements.l

✨Please provide your measurements in the
measurements section listed (found under unit photos in product categories). If you choose to email us with your measurements after purchase, please put the in the subject section  "Wig Measurements + Order Number" in the subject. In the email, provide your name, order number, the unit you purchased, and your measurements. There is a 72 hour grace period after placing your order to submit your measurements. Failure to do so will result in unit being created in a 22” circumference (average / medium sized). 

***Please note Styles By Finn is not responsible for

incorrect fit due to incorrect measurements, please take your time with this
process and double / triple  check your measurements prior to submission . Measure your head with a soft measuring tape ONLY, no other type of measuring tape will provide accurate measurements . If measurements are incorrectly taken or guessed, your wig may not fit properly. The fee for re-seizing your wig (if needed) , is $250. This will include a deconstruction , remake with new measurements and a fresh styling on the unit. This option is only available if the lace is not cut / in its original condition. .***

✨If you have questions on how to measure your head please contact us ! We are striving to add video content on how to complete the steps above ! Sign up to be a  VIP member to be the first to know . 

Phone: 470-333-3316


Welcome to Wig Maintenance! The purpose of this service is to revamp and refresh old wigs / bundles. The base price of this service includes a shampoo and deep conditioning. Drop off / pickup is available for the ✨ATLANTA,GA✨ are . Please view our Pickup Authorization form for more details .

•Styling , Custom color , Customization etc are separate services . Please be sure to select all desired services when booking. 

•Closure and Frontal replacement options are also available. For frontal replacements please reach out to Styles By Finn for a consultation before booking this service . Our contact information can be found on the “contact us” page .

•When requesting custom color on extensions provided by another supplier, understand it is a REQUEST .If the hair was not previously provided by Styles By Finn , a strand test must be done . During a strand test we will take a small section of hair from the back of your wig or bundles and attempt to bleach / color it . This is done to ensure that the hair can handle the coloring process and remain healthy . If it is found that the hair can not take the processes needed to achieve your desired color , the service will be refused . To avoid this issue , allow Styles By Finn to provide you with top quality extensions.


(Send all hair to address listed ):

Styles By Finn / 498 North Main Street #771 Mauldin SC 29662
United States***


7-10 BUSINESS day turnaround  time. Turnaround time begins once Styles By Finn receives your hair / wig . ****10-14 BUSINESS day turnaround time for orders that are gritting lace replacements with lace provided by Styles By Finn.***

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