Beginners Guide To Glue Less Wigs.

📝 Beginners Guide To Glue Less Wigs .

Hi babe ! Thank you so much for choosing Styles By Finn . We are honored to highlight your beauty ! While we usually allow the hair to do most of the talking , we realize that you may have important questions / concerns about “glue less wigs”! Below we will answer some of the most FAQ’S . We are striving to add video content soon,  to reference all of the information below ! Follow us on Instagram and turn on your notifications to be amongst the first to see our updates!


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1. What is a glue less wig ?

-A glue less wig is a custom made unit that can be worn with no adhesive (glue). They come equipped with an adjustable elastic band and combs  (by request only) for extra security. This allows you to bypass the use of harsh adhesives.  

2. What makes a wig glue less ?

-While it is a common belief that elastic bands can make any wig “glue less” , it’s in fact a myth . Yes , elastic bands add security but what TRULY makes a unit glue less is accurate head measurements. When a unit is made with your measurements or a specific guide it’s designed to fit like a glove . One could compare it to having a custom piece of clothing made . Essentially the unit is completely secure and safe to wear without any glue ! It will not fall off randomly or move unless desired. *If you need assistance getting your hair measurements please see this guide*

3. How should I wear my natural hair underneath a glue less wig ?

-We recommend 8-10 straight to the back braids . This will allow you to achieve a flat and flawless look ! If you do not wish to or are unable to wear braids underneath we recommend slicking your hair back as smoothly / flat as possible !

4. How do I care for my unit ?

- Maintenance varies based on your specific unit . Certain textures and colors require more maintenance than others .   For example , a natural colored , wavy unit would not require as much maintenance as a deep wave or highlighted unit . To guide you better we add a “hair care tips” care specific to your unit in every package . We also offer ONE free wig maintenance service with every order . That service includes a shampoo, deep conditioning and style . Essentially every unit needs love and care . Shampoo and deep conditioning once bi-weekly , daily detangling (tips to roots) and heat protectant when styling. *For more details on how to care for your unit feel free to contact us !*


5. Will a glue less wig just “come off” ?

- We understand that the term “glue less” can be scary ! Especially as a first time consumer . We stress the importance of understanding and accurately providing your head measurements for this very reason . As long as your measurements are provided accurately your unit will fit like a glove , with or without an elastic band !  We take away any extra cap or space when creating your unit . This ensures that it’s designed specifically for your head ! Imagine being measured for a dress or a tuxedo or having an item tailored to fit you exactly ! Below we will attach a direct link to one of our videos showing just how secure our units are when accurate measurements are provided ! *Updated videos / guides  are coming soon .*


6. How do I install my glue less wig ?

-This is a great question , below we will list a step by step guide .

•Unbox your unit (we hope you think it’s as beautiful as we do!).

•Remove hair net ,  foam and Bobby pins from your unit.

•Flip the unit over , bring it towards your head , place elastic band around the perimeter of your head , pull the unit down to your nape .

•Adjust the lace to your desired location on your head (make sure your hair line is covered.

•Pick up your lace and begin to cut it (using a razor or zigzag motion with scissors) . Continue to do this unit all the extra lace has been removed.

•Remove the unit from your head and “tint” your lace . -What is tinting lace and what do I use ? Tinting your lace is the action of applying a product that matches your skin tone to the under side of the lace . This can be done with a makeup brush or sponge. We recommend completing this with “Ruby kisses cream foundation” !

•Once you’ve tinted your lace , repeat the third  and fourth step . Wallah ! You’re all done , it’s truly that easy 

*Wearing a wig cap is optional during this process . If you do decide to wear a wig cap make sure to follow the same steps mentioned above and “tint” your wig cap.*


7. Where can I find the best products to use on my wig?

-Visit our Amazon store front to view all of the products we use / recommend!

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8. Does this hair shed ?   

- Any hair that has been manufactured to be stitched on a weft is entitled to experience minimum shedding which is absolutely normal. Minimum shedding meaning (the hair will not  have a noticeable or drastic decrease in its density or volume).  However, proper maintenance is extremely important and advised to ensure longevity.


Wow, this guide was awesome but what what happens if I don’t see the answer to my question(s)?

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