Welcome to Wig Maintenance! The purpose of this service is to revamp and refresh old wigs / bundles. The base price of this service includes a shampoo and deep conditioning. Drop off / pickup is available for the ✨ATLANTA,GA✨ are . Please view our Pickup Authorization form for more details .

    •Styling , Custom color , Customization etc are separate services . Please be sure to select all desired services when booking. 

    •Closure and Frontal replacement options are also available. For frontal replacements please reach out to Styles By Finn for a consultation before booking this service . Our contact information can be found on the “contact us” page .

    •When requesting custom color on extensions provided by another supplier, understand it is a REQUEST .If the hair was not previously provided by Styles By Finn , a strand test must be done . During a strand test we will take a small section of hair from the back of your wig or bundles and attempt to bleach / color it . This is done to ensure that the hair can handle the coloring process and remain healthy . If it is found that the hair can not take the processes needed to achieve your desired color , the service will be refused . To avoid this issue , allow Styles By Finn to provide you with top quality extensions.


    (Send all hair to address listed ):

    Styles By Finn / 780 Morosgo Dr NE, #14464
    Atlanta, GA 30324
    United States***


    7-10 BUSINESS day turnaround  time. Turnaround time begins once Styles By Finn receives your hair / wig . ****10-14 BUSINESS day turnaround time for orders that are gritting lace replacements with lace provided by Styles By Finn.***

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    Wig Revamps / Custom Color Services